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Military History Institution, Prague

Ninety Years’ Anniversary of the Armed Services’ Fight

These days we are commemorating the ninetieth anniversary of the foundation of the Czech Republic, which arose as a fulfillment of the desires and will maintained by the Czech nation as well as nationally conscious Slovaks who longed for independence. The main impetus for the recognition was the historic fight of Czechoslovak soldiers operating abroad – so called legions – during World War I. Legionaries fought in all front lines, but let us remind at least of some, through which the soldiers proved their bravery: on July 2nd, 1917 they fought in the battle of Zborov, on August 21st, 1918 they participated in the battle of Doss’ Alta in Italy, in late October 1918 their courage was displayed in Vouziers, Terron and Chesteres in France.

Several months later, the members of the armed services made final sacrifices in the battlefields of Těšínsko and Slovakia while defending the integrity of the newly established state. They took the same stand at the end of the 1930s when they were ready to face the fascistic aggressor and their faith to the Republic survived also through the Nazi occupation when they fought for the reestablishment of the independent state during the resistance movement.

The Army of the Czech Republic follows these traditions as well and proves its ability to defend and develop democratic values and contribute with a significant input into the international community. It becomes noticeable not only in the international field but it’s also reflected in the growth of prestige of the Czech Republic’s Army in the public eye.